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I hang out at various places all over the web, feel free to stop by and say hi anytime.

The best way to keep in touch is to subscribe to my monthly newsletter, and then you never have to worry about missing a thing! You can click the button in the sidebar on the right to join.

If newsletters are not your thing, here’s a bunch of other options.

Behance – I love my Behance profile, it shows off my best projects, including process shots, alternate colorways and product mockups. If you’re more interested in my art than in the whole social mingling side of things, Behance is definitely my recommendation.

Website – The portfolio website shows most of my finished work. Everything on there is available for licensing.

Facebook – My Facebook fan page gets updated most often, since it’s also my way of connecting to a lot of my artist friends. I show my work process there, share the work of other amazing artists I find, announce new sale venues and discount opportunities, and answer any posed questions.

Twitter – I’m not the most avid tweeter but I’m definitely on there, and getting more confident. I tweet finished new pieces, new blog posts, and interactions with others (art competitions etc).

Pinterest – A few of my Pinterest boards are getting really popular. I seldom pin my own work – I mostly curate a few ongoing collections of illustrations, patterns, lettering, and packaging design (my four main interests). Basically I collect things that are so awesome they inspire me to be a better artist, and I hope they inspire other people too.

Youtube – I have a Youtube channel where I post tutorial videos. I haven’t made many so far but if you are into seamless patterns there’s one you’ll definitely like.

Ello – I just started, so we’ll see.

If none of these are enough for you, you can always write to me!!! The e-mail is, I’d be happy to hear from you.


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