This Week in Color

July 17 2014 – I’ve hit Tumblr Radar today with a post about my temporary tattoos – it totally made my morning. I’m working on two different things, which is always a little disorienting, but also good because they’re both pretty labor-intensive so when one makes my eyes hurt I switch to the other.

Weekly Hues

These are probably my favorite summer colors of all time. I’m working on a piece for a scarf contest at Printed Village and this month’s theme is ‘Nautical’, so I was digging through color inspiration for sea, sun and fun and this is kind of it – lemons and sky.


Lemons and Sky color palette

Art Crush

This week’s art crush is Kansas City designer Micah Lidberg. I see a lot of great art online daily, but it rarely blows my mind as much as this. Find more of his stuff here.

Micah Lidberg

Micah Lidberg


WIP Zone

My pineapple pattern is slowly progressing, but I’ve started a new thing in the meanwhile – for a scarf competition over at Printed Village with the theme of ‘Nautical’. This is a very rough colors test:

Sea, Sun and Fun by Celandine

Work in progress – ‘Sea, sun and fun’ scarf



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