This Week in Color

June 15 2014 – I’ve finished a project I’ve been doing for a client, so I’m finally free to come back to my own stuff – or I would be if work and general life wasn’t doing its best to get in the way. Still I shall prevail! 🙂 Hope to show some serious progress soon. I’m excited about this one.

Weekly Hues

I love how certain colors can completely change their character depending on what’s surrounding them. Here’s a nice summer palette built around that idea.

Summer neon splash paletteSummer neon splash palette

Art Crush

This week’s art crush is Melbourne based designer Louise Jones. Just look at these, they’re delicious. You can find more of her work on her website.

Louise Jones - patterns

Louise Jones – patterns


WIP Zone

I’ve wanted to do a pineapple pattern for ages, ever since I’ve seen Dan Funderburgh’s amazing ‘Fruits of Design’ wallpaper, which you can view and envy here. Finally I’m going for it. It’s gonna be such an assault on the senses. Not much to show yet:

Cornucopia - WIP detail

Cornucopia – WIP detail


Tip of the Week

Eat more fruit.

Also, here’s a video tutorial on how to make reasonably good mockup images showing your art on real products.


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